Top 10 Job Interview Myths

Top 10 Job Interview Myths

The top 10 job interview myths

Okay, so you think you know exactly what to expect at your job interview don’t you? Unfortunately, you are mistaken some of the most common interviewing misconceptions still exist today, and they more than likely have you trippen sis. Don’t worry, I got you covered. The top 10 interview myths are listed in this blog. Check it out!

Myth #1: Your resume is the key to getting the job.

The truth, your resume is a foot in the door. How you respond to interview questions, interact with possible coworkers, present yourself, and follow up after the interview all have a significant impact on whether you receive the job.

Myth #2: The interviewer is well-prepared and understands what he’s doing when it comes to your interview.

The reality is you can bet that you’ve done far more preparation for this interview than your interviewer. The individual conducting the interview will most likely base their decision on initial impressions and your demeanor, rather than well-rehearsed responses. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t prepare; just keep in mind that the interviewer might not have your resume on hand because most of the hiring team are busy people and they are just trying to find the best candidate for the job !

Myth #3 : All interview questions should be have a RIGHT answer.

Interviewers ask questions to learn more about how you think and how you are overall as a person, not to test your knowledge. Rather, they want to know how you address challenges, how you engage with others, and if you can give a quick and CONCISE story about your career.

Myth #4 : The job will be given to the person with the best qualifications.

The truth is this is one of the biggest lies out there!! There are a variety of reasons why the most competent candidate isn’t hired: he doesn’t match the corporate culture, his wage expectations are unrealistic, or he just isn’t the right fit for the organization. If you’re up against someone more qualified than you, don’t be concerned; instead, seek for methods to demonstrate that you can work well with others and are willing to learn.  

More than anything, set yourself APART from the crowd. Be unique and be YOU !

Myth #5 : You can’t truly prepare for an interview ; you have to just wing it.

Ladies, the lie detector shows, THAT IS A LIE! When someone hasn’t prepared for an interview, it’s crystal clear – she’s dressed inappropriately, doesn’t ask questions, and appears shocked when questioned about her résumé. Do your research before your job interview and find out what you need to know about the company and culture.

Myth #6 : Early in the interview process, ask about the compensation to determine whether the interview is worthwhile.

No interview is a waste of time. PERIOD. There is always a take a way. The glass is always half full. Now, there is no reason to inquire about compensation at all during the initial meeting. If you’re concerned that the compensation is too low for you, focus on acing the interview and setting yourself APART from the crowd. Once they realize how amazing you are, you might be able to persuade them to alter their thoughts about the budget. I’ve seen it happen, so it can be done!

Myth #7 : Wait until the end to ask questions.

Look, you’ll always have the opportunity to ask questions near the conclusion of the interview, and no one wants to be stumped at that time. However, being free to ask questions during the interview generates a positive impression and makes the interview feel more like a discussion among peers. A conversation. Save questions for the end, but if possible, Keep the conversation going and ask questions as they arise during the interview as well.

Myth #8 : Elaborate as much as possible when answering interview questions.

Alright, listen up! The interviewer is seeking ways to ELIMINATE you from the pool just as much as she wants to hear about how hardworking you are. While you’re chatting, she’ll be looking for red flags in your responses and things to frown upon, so respond swiftly and concisely.

Myth #9 : Talk about your strengths as much as possible during the job interview.

Don’t be afraid to brag about your accomplishments. However, be cautious while discussing them. Rather than identifying your talents and key strengths, discuss what you’ve accomplished with them. Give explicit examples of how you make things happen with your ability. Interviewers are looking for you to be able to SHOW them in your examples and not just TELL them.

Myth #10 : Thank-you letters are a thing of the past.

Thanking the individual you interviewed for their time and following up with them is always a good idea. It’s also an excellent opportunity to fill in any gaps in your background knowledge or elaborate on a response to a topic that took you off guard the first time. You’ll be a better job candidate if you know how to deal with these interview myths.


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