Hey Y'all!! Thank you for your interest in our services. I am excited to work with you!

It's Alexia! Better known as Ms. Lexi HR! I am a Career Coach with a specialty in Job Interview Coaching!

I work with motivated young women just like you who want to level up their lives and go from a JOB to a CAREER!

-Are you ready for change of jobs?
-Are you ready to level up for your kids?
-Are you tired of the same 'ol jobs?
-Are you ready to get CAREER READY?!

I am your girl!

I can guide you through a career exploration, interviews, resumes, cover letter and everything in between. I LOVE to keep it 100% so let's get at it!

Are you unsure if you need a job interview coach?

The discovery call enables potential clients and your career coach to discuss your specific career goals. Several of the common themes covered are career hang-ups, professional growth and advancement, and any struggle areas. During this call, we will also dive into great detail about each of our services and pinpoint which service best suits you and your individual needs. In essence, this conversation will allow us to identify your career goals and how we may achieve them together.

Do you know that you need help in prepping for your job interview but don't know EXACTLY what to focus on?

This one-on-one session allows us to discuss all elements associated with your career. Such elements may include career guidance/counsel, review of job descriptions, a thorough assessment of your current position in correlation to your desired position, job search advice, resume and cover letter suggestions, etc. This open and transparent conversation allows us to closely analyze your career in its entirety and begin actively searching for that elevated position you desire.


Would you like to know EXACTLY what you are doing wrong during your job interviews?

During this ZOOM meeting, your career coach will act as the hiring manager and ask interview questions related to the job description you provide during the discovery call. At the conclusion of this mock interview, you will receive instant feedback and constructive instruction. We will offer legitimate and reasonable judgement about your performance along with sound advice and strategies you may wish to implement for the overall improvement of your interviewing skills.

Are you uncertain of the types of questions you need to study for your specific job of interest?

This interactive session with your career coach will allow us to take a look at career specific, interview questions that could potentially be asked during your actual job interview. Together we will compose answers based on your own authentic experience and prepare you to deliver those answers in an intelligent and confident manner.

Do you know for a fact that you need help, have no clue where to start and want to dive in with all four sessions?

This all-inclusive package incorporates all sessions listed above at a discounted rate. Your career coach will schedule one call per week to ensure you consistently and effectively work through all the groundwork, preparation and materials you receive to assist in your career advancement. Throughout this very beneficial process, it is important to remember career improvement is not a one-stop-shop nor was Rome built in a day. Obtaining your career goals take consistency and hard work, however with our services you will not need to walk this journey alone.